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Fine Sapphires

1.01CT Natural Pink Sapphire

1.01CT Natural Pink Sapphire

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Gemstone Specifications:

Stone Type   Natural Sapphire
Color  Purplish Pink
Origin  Madagascar
Weight  1.01CT
Dimensions (mm)  6.15x5.15x3.05
Shape  Radiant
Clarity  Very good
Enhancement  Unheated


Embrace the purity of color and the rarity of nature with our 1.01-carat Unheated Pink Sapphire. Sourced with care and expertly cut into a radiant masterpiece, this sapphire showcases very good clarity and an exquisite natural pink hue, making it a perfect choice for those who appreciate the purity of untouched gemstones. Whether gracing your collection or becoming the focal point of a bespoke jewelry creation, this gem promises to enchant and inspire with its untouched beauty and exceptional characteristics.

- Unheated Rarity: Revel in the untouched beauty of this Pink Sapphire, unaltered by heat treatments, preserving its natural essence and charm.
- Radiant Cut Brilliance: The well-cut radiant facets of this sapphire enhance its brilliance, creating a stunning interplay of light that showcases the gem's inherent sparkle and allure.
- Very Good Color: Admire the rich and vibrant pink hue of this sapphire, graded as very good, ensuring a captivating and enduring color that stands out in any setting.
- Very Good Clarity: With very good clarity, this sapphire is virtually free from visible inclusions, allowing its natural pink beauty to shine through without any distractions.

Ideal for:
- Engagement Rings: Choose a symbol of love as unique as your relationship with this naturally beautiful pink sapphire.
- Special Occasions: Elevate any moment with the elegance and charm of this unheated, very good color gem.
- Collector's Gem: For those who appreciate the rarity and authenticity of unheated pink sapphires with exceptional clarity and color.

* We also undertake jewelry orders and set the chosen stone in any bespoke jewelry. Stone could be set on any metal like Gold, Platinum, white, and Silver.
* We have many different shades and sizes of these types of stone which are bought in rough and cut especially by our team.


* We do not deal in synthetic sapphires, beryllium-diffused sapphires, or sapphires treated with any treatment method that is not accepted by the fine jewelry industry. The only kind of treatment our sapphires might be subjected to, where disclosed, is the standard heat treatment.

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