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Fine Sapphires

2.14CT Natural Violet Sapphire

2.14CT Natural Violet Sapphire

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Stone Type   Natural Sapphire
Color  Pinkish Purple
Origin  Madagascar
Weight  2.14CT
Dimensions  8.43x6.49x3.92mm
Shape  Octagon
Clarity  VVS
Enhancement  Unheated


Introducing our exquisite 2.14ct Natural Violet Sapphire – a mesmerizing gemstone that combines unparalleled beauty with a rare and unenhanced purity. Mined from the depths of the Earth, this unheated sapphire boasts a captivating violet hue that is sure to enrapture anyone who gazes upon it.

Unlike its treated counterparts, this sapphire has not undergone any artificial enhancements, ensuring that its breathtaking color is completely natural and unaltered. Its loupe-clean clarity further adds to its allure, allowing you to appreciate its stunning details and inner world with utmost clarity.

This exceptional gemstone is a testament to nature's artistry, displaying a delicate balance between color and transparency. With a weight of 2.14ct, it's perfectly sized to be the centerpiece of a one-of-a-kind jewelry piece – a timeless expression of elegance and sophistication.

Whether you're a gemstone enthusiast, a collector, or someone seeking an extraordinary gem for a cherished occasion, our 2.14ct Natural Violet Sapphire is a true treasure that encapsulates the beauty of the Earth's treasures in its purest form. Embrace the enchanting allure of unadulterated elegance with this remarkable, unheated, and loupe-clean masterpiece.
* We also undertake jewelry orders and set the chosen stone in any bespoke jewelry. Stone could be set on any metal like Gold, Platinum, white, and Silver.
* We have many different shades and sizes of these types of stone which are bought in rough and cut especially by our team.


* We do not deal in synthetic sapphires, beryllium-diffused sapphires, or sapphires treated with any treatment method that is not accepted by the fine jewelry industry. The only kind of treatment our sapphires might be subjected to, where disclosed, is the standard heat treatment.

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