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Fine Sapphires

1.84CT Natural Green Sapphire (H)

1.84CT Natural Green Sapphire (H)

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Gemstone Specifications:

Stone Type   Natural Sapphire
Color  Green
Origin  Madagascar
Weight  1.84CT
Dimensions (mm)  7.80x6.05x4.60
Shape  Oval
Clarity  VS
Enhancement  Heated


Step into the enchanting world of color with our exquisite 1.84-carat Green Sapphire—a testament to nature's beauty and the craftsmanship that transforms it into a radiant gem. Meticulously sourced, heated to perfection, and expertly cut, this sapphire boasts very good clarity and an exceptional green hue that will undoubtedly captivate the beholder.

Key Features:
- Vivid Green Brilliance: Immerse yourself in the lush beauty of this Green Sapphire, adorned with a vivid and enchanting green hue that radiates freshness and vitality.
- Expertly Heated: The gem has undergone a meticulous heating process, enhancing its natural beauty and ensuring a stable and vibrant green color that remains a timeless expression of elegance.
- Well-Cut to Proportion: Precision-cut to perfection, each facet of this sapphire is strategically crafted to optimize brilliance, creating a stunning play of light that accentuates the gem's inherent allure.
- Very Good Clarity: Graced with very good clarity, this sapphire is virtually free from visible inclusions to the naked eye, allowing the mesmerizing green color to take center stage without any distractions.

Ideal for:
- Statement Jewelry: Elevate your style with a gem that stands out for its exceptional color and clarity, making a lasting impression.
- Engagement Rings: Choose a symbol of fresh beginnings with this vibrant green sapphire, a unique and elegant alternative to traditional gemstones.
- Collector's Piece: For those who appreciate the rarity and beauty of a green sapphire with very good color and clarity.

* We also undertake jewelry orders and set the chosen stone in any bespoke jewelry. Stone could be set on any metal like Gold, Platinum, white, and Silver.
* We have many different shades and sizes of these types of stone which are bought in rough and cut especially by our team.


* We do not deal in synthetic sapphires, beryllium-diffused sapphires, or sapphires treated with any treatment method that is not accepted by the fine jewelry industry. The only kind of treatment our sapphires might be subjected to, where disclosed, is the standard heat treatment.

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