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Fine Sapphires

2.03CT Natural Yellow Sapphire

2.03CT Natural Yellow Sapphire

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Stone Type   Natural Sapphire
Color  Pale Yellow
Origin  Ceylon
Weight  2.03Ct
Dimensions  7.03x7.03x4.89mm
Shape  Round
Enhancement  None

Introducing the stunning Yellow Sapphire, with its delicate pale yellow hue and perfectly round shape. This gorgeous gemstone is the epitome of elegance and sophistication, with its timeless design and natural beauty.

Crafted with precision, this Yellow Sapphire boasts a delicate pale yellow color that radiates a soft and calming energy. The round shape of the stone further adds to its appeal, making it a highly sought-after gem among collectors and jewelry enthusiasts alike.

This Yellow Sapphire is a perfect choice for those who seek a gemstone that exudes elegance and simplicity. Whether worn as a standalone piece or paired with other precious stones, this gemstone is sure to make a statement. Its classic design and natural beauty make it a versatile addition to any jewelry collection, suitable for any occasion.

Invest in this Yellow Sapphire and experience the magic of its natural beauty and elegance. With its delicate color and perfect round shape, this gemstone is sure to capture the attention and admiration of all who lay their eyes on it.

* We also undertake jewelry orders and set the chosen stone in any bespoke jewelry. Stone could be set on any metal like Gold, Platinum, white, and Silver.
* Certificate will be provided on request
* We have many different shades and sizes of these types of stone which are bought in rough and cut especially by our team.


* We do not deal in synthetic sapphires, beryllium-diffused sapphires, or sapphires treated with any treatment method that is not accepted by the fine jewelry industry. The only kind of treatment our sapphires might be subjected to, where disclosed, is the standard heat treatment.

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